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Who is Sebastian Owl?

Listening to Blair Atkinson’s oft times heavy lyrical content is like an exercise in introspection. - Frank Macguire

Sebastian Owl is a band. Sebastian Owl is a character. Sebastian Owl is a story. But more importantly, Sebastian Owl is a lot of fun. The Story of Sebastian Owl starts with a man living an everyday life, in an ordinary city, loved by a woman yet unable to love himself. After realizing the need to escape society he wanders off into the wilderness to explore himself and the pure simplicity of nature. Stumbling back into civilization by ways of a small town, he finds himself indulging in the darker side of life. Eventually adventuring off into space, Sebastian Owl is a roller coaster ride of emotions and sounds.

From their beginnings in Brandon Manitoba in 2010, they have strived for harmony-rich melodies, catchy chorus, meaningful lyrics and a no holds barred energetic live show. Their line-up is always changing and evolving but the core voices of Blair Atkinson and Ian Russell are always constant. Currently they have with them on drums, Ian Clements (Solhounds, The Explorers Club) and on lead guitar and back-up vocals Kieran West (Kieran West & His Buffalo Band.) And with new members come new energies and a new adventure in where the Sebastian Owl sound is going.

Appearing on the stages of Ness Creek Music Festival, Brandon Folk Music and Art Festival, Matlock Music Festival Of Arts And Nature, and Winnipeg Folk Festival among others. Alongside some of Canada’s greatest musical groups, Sebastian Owl is destined to become a mainstay in Canadian Music. With three full length studio albums under their belts (2011’s Between the Foxes and the Wolves, 2012’s The Needle is Broken the Compass Spins, and 2014’s Nowhere in Particular) they have a lengthy catalogue of song and sound. With the harmony-rich melodies and meaningful lyrics steering the ship.

The future looks bright for Sebastian Owl. They now reside in Winnipeg Manitoba and continue to play across Canada, with the road increasingly becoming their home. Buy the ticket and take the ride. Sebastian Owl is one band you should not miss.

Nowhere in Particular

It’s so easy to get lost in the laid back sound that the depth of the lyrics can catch you off guard, albeit in a good way, not too abstract or heavy. - Broose Tulloch
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